A tavern called Wednesday

This looks like a fun place to eat!

Salt of Portugal

Quarta-Feira rest composite

André Faria, the manager of the beautiful Évora pousada, urged us to try a tavern called Quarta Feira (the Portuguese word for Wednesday). “It’s a special place,” André said with a smile. “There’s no menu; you have to trust Zé Dias, the owner, and go with the flow.”

As soon as we entered the restaurant, we became friends with Zé Dias. He moved to Évora from a village in Beira Alta called Quarta Feira, the name he used for the restaurant. Dias worked as a typographer until he opened this tavern 25 years ago with Luisa Batista, a great local cook.

Dias’ enthusiasm for food, wine and life in Alentejo is infectious. Everything he serves comes from people he knows well, from the producers of cheese and sausages to the maker of the clay pots that are integral to Luisa Batista’s cooking. When we asked Dias how he managed to…

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Changes In Portugal

<span title=”19-02-2014 às 10:24 actualizada às 13:48

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Lisbon: AML approves withdrawal of cobblestone 2017
<span title=”Lisboa: AML aprova retirada da calçada portuguesa até 2017

    “>Lisbon: AML approves withdrawal of cobblestone 2017

<span title=”inShare


The Municipal Assembly of Lisbon (AML) approved on Tuesday the Pedestrian Accessibility Plan, an initiative that provides for 100 measures, by 2017, to facilitate mobility in the capital. Some of these measures involve the creation of more pedestrian crossings, cycle tracks and the downgrade of some tours. <span title=”Mas há outra que está a suscitar muita polémica.

“>But there is another that is causing much controversy.

One of the measures providing for the withdrawal of cobblestone and is generating controversy, according advances TSF radio. <span title=”A Associação de Defesa do Património garantiu já que vai avançar com uma petição para impedir que seja implementada.

“>The Heritage Protection Association guaranteed as it will move forward with a petition to prevent it from being implemented.

<span title=”Para a Associação de Defesa do Património de Lisboa, «esta medida é inaceitável» e, por isso, segundo a emissora, já anunciaram que vão realizar uma petição para impedir que o pavimento tradicional seja retirado.

“>For the Defense Association of Heritage Lisbon, “this measure is unacceptable” and therefore, according to the broadcaster, have announced they will hold a petition to prevent the traditional pavement is removed.

In the TSF, the councilman of social rights, João Afonso, said that the withdrawal of that floor will only be done in places that it constitutes a danger.

I would hate to see them do this. It would somehow diminish the beauty of the city. We will see, I guess.

Quinta do Vallado

Portugal is a country where you can find many different terrains and beautiful vistas.

Salt of Portugal

Quinta do Valado Composit

We wonder whether god created the Douro as a test. It gave the region poor soils and a mountainous terrain, scorching Summers and freezing Winters. But if humans persevered and made a living in this land, they would be rewarded with magnificent wines.

The soil, composed of schist and granite, forces the vines to struggle and produce small grapes that are full of flavor. No one believed more in these grapes than Dona Antónia Ferreira. She made a fortune producing port wine in the beginning of the 18th century and reinvested it all in the Douro, owning at one point 37 vineyards.

This Summer we had the privilege of visiting one of these vineyards: the Quinta do Vallado,  which dates back to 1716. We toured the cellars and tasted some of the quinta’s great table wines.

At the end of our visit, we drank some wonderful old tawny port. With our glasses full of this golden nectar, we toasted…

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Wedding by the sea

This tantalized me; both Portugal calls me as well as the beach. What do you see?

Salt of Portugal


If you can, get married by the sea. You’ll see boats sailing trough the waves without a care in the world. And you’ll realize that boats have keels that keep them stable during storms.

That is what marriage is. Two people who are each other’s keels so they can remain steady in the face of storms and sail joyfully through the waves of life.

The photo is from the Pousada de Angra do Heroísmo, located in the beautiful São Sebastião fort in Azores. Click here for the Pousada’s web site.

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Noah surf house

Great atmosphere and great food. If you have never eaten Portuguese sea food you may never know what great things the Portuguese can do with it.

Salt of Portugal

Noah Composit

If you’re looking for the perfect place for a romantic date, we suggest you try Noah Surf House, a restaurant in the Santa Cruz beach, 40 miles north of Lisbon.

The restaurant building is minimalistic, designed to frame the gorgeous ocean views. The space is furnished with colorful tables and benches made from reclaimed wood, as if to stress that everything on the beach is a gift from the sea. The sea is also the inspiration for the menu, which includes clams Bulhão Pato, fish soup, shrimp with garlic, octopus salad, seafood rice, and fried fish with tomato rice.

If you go to Noah for lunch during Fall or Winter you might have the privilege of having this magical place to yourself. If you go for dinner during Spring or Summer, you’re likely to find the restaurant full of beautiful people who gather here to enjoy the setting of the sun.

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Beauty in the details

Beautiful Portuguese craftsmanship.

Salt of Portugal

Desenhos de Janelas Varandas, Rui Barreiros Duarte, ink on paper, 2016.

When you visit Portugal you need to sleep well to rest your eyes, because as soon as you wake up there’s so much to see!

A walk in an old neighborhood is a visual feast of architectural details. Doors, windows, roofs, and balconies tell us about the craftsmanship of their builders and the dreams of their owners. Each is a distinctive brush stroke on the beautiful canvas that is Portugal.

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Hold Tight

Hold Tight

Even Florida has been colder this winter. Amy opened a window of sunshine to bring hope..

Heaven On Earth

This post is dedicated to my Mom and to MichelleMarie.  Mom and MichelleMarie, I Love you both so very much!!


Hold tight to Hope
on dreaded days
of deepest dark.

MF Macro Photography/ “Hold Tight” 2016©AmyRose

Photograph of Daffodils taken 4-15-15 in my gardens.

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