Sweet moments in Lisbon

One of our favorite treats. Mmmm

Salt of Portugal

Composit Manteigaria

What is the best pastel de nata in Lisbon?  The answer depends on our mood. Some days, we like them perfumed with lemon. Other days, we prefer them scented with vanilla.

Our current favorites are the lemony kind. They are made by Manteigaria in Praça Camões near Chiado at a location that was once occupied by a butter shop (manteiga is the Portuguese word for butter). Perhaps as an homage to the past, Manteigaria’s pasteis have a buttery taste. The crispy crust and the rich filling are so satisfying that they make us feel, for a moment, that we discovered the meaning of life.

Whenever a new batch of pasteis comes hot out of the oven, Mantegaria’s cashier rings a bell. You’ll see people dropping what they’re doing and rushing to Manteigaria in search of a moment of sweetness.

Manteigaria is located on Rua do Loreto, 2 near Chiado in Lisbon, tel. 21-347-1492.

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8 thoughts on “Sweet moments in Lisbon

  1. Sorta like when the “Hot Now” light goes on at the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop. People drop what their doing to go get a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut. But those look even better!!

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  2. Mmm …pastel de Nata..which my Fire predictive was insistent on turning into pastel death Natalie! One of these days I’m going to allow what the predictive produces to stay, unchallenged, and present it as a competition …what was the writer TRYING to say? Do you suppose all those badly written books are not really badly written at all, but just a victim of bossy, unnoticed predictive?

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