Wedding by the sea

This tantalized me; both Portugal calls me as well as the beach. What do you see?

Salt of Portugal


If you can, get married by the sea. You’ll see boats sailing trough the waves without a care in the world. And you’ll realize that boats have keels that keep them stable during storms.

That is what marriage is. Two people who are each other’s keels so they can remain steady in the face of storms and sail joyfully through the waves of life.

The photo is from the Pousada de Angra do Heroísmo, located in the beautiful São Sebastião fort in Azores. Click here for the Pousada’s web site.

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17 thoughts on “Wedding by the sea

  1. A perfect place for new beginnings, new journeys, because the sea washes you clean. The ocean scrubs your soul, renews you, Wedding vows to the background of ocean breakers, the cry of twirling gulls…and sand in your shoes. Perfect.

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