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Lisbon: AML approves withdrawal of cobblestone 2017
<span title=”Lisboa: AML aprova retirada da calçada portuguesa até 2017

    “>Lisbon: AML approves withdrawal of cobblestone 2017

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The Municipal Assembly of Lisbon (AML) approved on Tuesday the Pedestrian Accessibility Plan, an initiative that provides for 100 measures, by 2017, to facilitate mobility in the capital. Some of these measures involve the creation of more pedestrian crossings, cycle tracks and the downgrade of some tours. <span title=”Mas há outra que está a suscitar muita polémica.

“>But there is another that is causing much controversy.

One of the measures providing for the withdrawal of cobblestone and is generating controversy, according advances TSF radio. <span title=”A Associação de Defesa do Património garantiu já que vai avançar com uma petição para impedir que seja implementada.

“>The Heritage Protection Association guaranteed as it will move forward with a petition to prevent it from being implemented.

<span title=”Para a Associação de Defesa do Património de Lisboa, «esta medida é inaceitável» e, por isso, segundo a emissora, já anunciaram que vão realizar uma petição para impedir que o pavimento tradicional seja retirado.

“>For the Defense Association of Heritage Lisbon, “this measure is unacceptable” and therefore, according to the broadcaster, have announced they will hold a petition to prevent the traditional pavement is removed.

In the TSF, the councilman of social rights, João Afonso, said that the withdrawal of that floor will only be done in places that it constitutes a danger.

I would hate to see them do this. It would somehow diminish the beauty of the city. We will see, I guess.