The Portugal Years – Second Year: The Cat’s Meow

When we brought our little Samantha Cat home, we had not considered all the attending possibilities. Harry’s mother was a farm girl who believed animals belonged out-of-doors; he had no experience with pets. In fact, for a while, even Sammy was a little frightening to him.

Kittens, as you may know, grow into cats. Sammy took her time maturing, but when she hit puberty, all the tom cats within a square kilometer showed up around our home. My last cat was spayed. She was a cat who knew the meaning of decorum. For several weeks, Sammy “sang” and howled to the toms, and they filled in with the descant and watered the door. I didn’t need a translator to know what it meant. But, hey, how hard can it possibly be to keep one small cat in a house with closed windows and doors?

We had wanted to spay her, but we had no money for it. We did our best to keep her indoors. We thought we succeeded, but Sammy was a sly creature. One day I heard her calling me – from the outside of the house. The damage was done.

As Sammy’s girth passed mine, I considered the stories I had heard about cats wanting to make their own “nest” when they were ready to birth their offspring. It was a cold spring, and there was no central heating, I worried about the soon coming kittens surviving the cold, and ended up making a nest next to the stove in the kitchen. Just in case.

One Saturday morning I was cleaning when I realized I had a stalker. Sammy was right behind me on every step . When I stopped and looked at her, she mewed. It took me a few minutes to realize that she wanted me to follow her. Right into the kitchen and into her box she went. I petted her, and went back to my tasks. She followed me and mewed and purred. This went on for about half an hour when something clicked. I was her midwife of choice.

I felt like Prissy in Gone With the Wind. The closest I had come to a “birthin'” of any kind was a graphic movie called Emergency Childbirth that they showed us in tenth grade health class. (Three boys passed out.) But Sammy didn’t need any emergency help.  Unless I looked like leaving the room. That was verboten!

It was an extraordinary experience. Sammy purred through the ordeal. A kitten emerged about every 45 minutes until there were four of them. Sammy licked them and bit the miniscule umbilical cords like a boss. The loud purring  guided the newborns to Sammy’s teats. They were tiny, and looked more like rats than kittens.

About two weeks afterward, my doctor became concerned about something that might become a problem, and put me on bed rest for a week or so. Sammy found this unacceptable. Sammy spent about half an hour going back and forth between my bed and the box with the kittens. Then she disappeared.

I had dozed off when I felt her land rather clumsily on the foot of the bed. I opened my eyes and saw her depositing one of her kittens near me. The other three followed, and she was finally content.

Newborn siamese kitten.
Newborn siamese kitten. Their markings come as they mature.

Have you ever had an extraordinary experience with an animal?

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    1. Thank you for coming by, Amy. You are welcome any time. I like your blog so far. The PL seems to have the some of the nicest people I’ve met online.


  1. Awwww, so sweet. We’ve had a lot of interesting experiences with animals. Until she was shot and killed, there was a squirrel who lived in a tree in our backyard we called “Mom”, as she had at least two litters of pups while we knew her. She would come up and sit by you and eat, as would her mate. He disappeared one day, and we never saw him again. She stayed on, but someone shot her with a bb gun, and she came back to our yard to safety, and we couldn’t save her. It was extraordinary knowing her though!


    1. Animals are just awesome. My life is richer for my four-legged friends. That is some story about the squirrel. I would never have imagined a squirrel being a friend. Thank you for telling me about her. She deserves a seven gun salute!


  2. OH, Susan, I just had to follow you. Anyone who is a friend of cats is honestly a friend of mine. What a sweet story.

    Keep writing. I understand about the “prices” one pays in order to follow the heart, yet in the longrun, it is so worth it! (((HUGS)))


    1. I am a cat whisperer – 😀 I have one cat in the house (who followed me around until we brought him in) and a community group that comes to eat at our house. My George Bailey, indoor kitty, has quite a story. I also have two elderly shih tzu. All rescues. All my good friends.


          1. That is because you are cat. In human skin. LOL

            On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, The Portugal Years wrote:

            > Susan P commented: “I seem to always fall in well with other cat > fanciers. :)”


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