The Portugal Years – Year One: Samantha Cat

Siamese CatAfter the holidays, life settled into a routine. I thought I would take another semester at the University, but when they tested me they wanted to put me in the advanced class. I was worried that it would be too much too quickly. When I tried to get into the intermediate class, it was already full. So, we decided that I would continue with my private tutoring once a week.

About that time a lot of friends were looking at me speculatively and others were coming right out and asking if I was pregnant yet. I wasn’t, though. Not yet. I did have my baby Seal Point Siamese kitty, Samantha, though. Sammi was fun. She followed me around the house and played with me. I had wanted a Siamese cat since I had visited a college friend’s home where her family had a stable full of cats and at least three of them were Siamese.

If you’ve had little contact with Siamese cats, please put away your copy of Lady and the Tramp and cut Siamese cats a break. They are mischievous and intelligent creatures, and most of them are quite vocal. Harry did not grow up with four-legged family members, and he wasn’t entirely on board with the whole thing, but he humored me. It was still our first year of marriage.

One evening, another couple from our organization (also newlyweds) came over to visit. The husband was not a fan of cats (a condition that frankly, I do not understand). When they came into the house, he did a visual sweep of the perimeter of the living room and looked for Sammi. Then, he settled down in a comfortable chair. Thirty minutes later, after he had let down his guard, Sammi casually walked around from the back of the chair, gave a sudden leap and landed on the arm of the chair next to the husband’s arm. I am positive that Sammi tipped me a wink with a twinkle in her bright, blue eyes.

18 thoughts on “The Portugal Years – Year One: Samantha Cat

  1. Sammi is lovely. The four we have from one littler are Siamese-based, though tabbies. Their mom was a siamese and we still feed her outdoors (after having had her spayed and released.)

    Cats have a sense of humor, definitely. 🙂


    1. I like cats because they give me enough space. I like my Shih Tzu dogs for the same reason. My current feline companion actually picked me when he was still young and he is very affectionate, comes when I call him, and is endlessly grateful that I rescued him. But, he gives me my space and I give him the same courtesy. 😀


    2. I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love. – James Herriot


      1. Well I guess somebody has to love them. Not an animal lover although I have tried and miserably failed. Bitten and chased by dogs, not fond of felines (with the exception of my gravatar of course) and had two fish that died, Prince Henry and Don Perignone.


    3. I am sorry that you’ve had so many negative experiences with animals. I grew up with animals. We had dogs, cats, fish and for awhile I had a pet mouse. I am, however, gradually tapering off. At one point we had three Shih Tzu, two cats and a bird. After the kids left home, they dumped their pets on us. I will keep George Bailey around for awhile, but as the others pass on I will not replace them. Too dadblame much work!


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