Perfection in Matosinhos

Grilled fish better than any other I have eaten! I grew up eating “fish sticks” which are neither fish nor sticks. I learned to cook basic fish recipes and I’ve become very fussy about fish.

Salt of Portugal

DCIM103GOPROWhen Oporto residents want to eat fresh fish, they drive to the nearby Matosinhos beach. The town’s main street (Rua Herois de França) and its side alleys are lined up with restaurants.

We usually go to S. Valentim and order rodovalho (turbot). We avoid appetizers so that, when the perfectly-grilled fish arrives at the table, we can give it our undivided apetite.

Each restaurant has a large charcoal grill outside maned by a master griller. This is a person with unbreakable concentration who doesn’t take the eyes off the grill until the fish is perfectly cooked.

Grilling fish is easy, unless you want to do it perfectly, in which case it takes years of experience. It is this perfection that keeps fish lovers coming back to Matosinhos.

S. Valentim is located on Rua Herois de França, 335, Matosinhos, tel. 229379204.

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                1. That is all well and good, but there is not much meat on a guppy. On the bright side, they reproduce quickly so in about a quarter of a year you might have enough to make a meal.


  1. I absolutely love the all seafood, especially the Calabash style I grew up on. But close behind is any grilled seafood. As you said, grilling seafood is easy….perfecting seafood on a grill requires hours of patience and grill time. And a willingness to eat the inevitable rubber shrimp and scallops until you figure out what you’re doing.

    Excellent post!

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