The Portugal Adventure – Bavaria: Bad Tölz

On the Alpen trail
No words.
Someone is about to get a snowball down their neck.
Yes, that is me bending over, playing in the snow in August.
On top of the world!

So far on the trip, Harry was friendly, but not making any declarations. I figured that if nothing else, I was making friends with the Portuguese girls in my dormitory, and if the worst thing that happened to me was a trip through Europe, I would have a blessed life. So, I decided to enjoy every moment of every day. Then, we visited Bad Tölz.

Bad Tölz is a fairy tale town with the Alps for its background. We visited the town, then drove to Blomberg Mountain. In the winter, it is a ski resort, and it has a bob run for the summer visitors. The bob run is 1250 meters long with 40 very sharp twists and turns, and 17 steep curves. The summer bob has a lever in the middle that lets you control (at least somewhat) the velocity at which you descend. It’s all good as long as the person behind you sees you around one of those sharp twists before they are in your bob.

If memory serves me, we took the ski lift part-way up, then hiked to the top of the Blomberg. I was in pretty good shape at the time, but with the altitude, and steepness of the slope, it was challenging. Half-way up, the path steepened. Harry held out his hand to help me get over the steep place – and evidently decided that I needed his hand to get the rest of the way up. I was not averse to the assistance, and we arrived at the top together.

On the way back down, we took the summer bob. What fun!  One of those sharp curves dumped both of us over the edge of the track.

summer blob

This  post is mostly photographs. The photos do not do justice, but they are better than words.

Village of Bad Tölz.
Bad Tölz
Bad Tölz
Ski lift at the Blomberg
The summer bob!
Where the hike began
Field director’s wife climbing the Blomberg
On the way down to the summer bob