The Portugal Adventure: My Laddie Lies Over the Ocean

This is where I stopped some time ago on The Portugal Adventure, so I will repeat it and will begin with the next installment next time. I had just received flowers. Red roses.

Those beautiful red roses perfumed the house. Mom fidgeted and kept the roses watered. My dad took to sulking in the lounger in the corner and got out his whipped puppy expression. I wrote a brief “bread and butter note.” And I added that they have come on April Fool’s Day and waited.

Monday I took a rose or two and put them in a vase on my desk. The students noticed and asked questions, of course. But there was little to say at the time. And teaching requires one’s full attention.

Harry’s reply came in short order. With an explanation. He explained that he had asked that they be delivered for Easter. On March twenty-fifth. It was an explanation that didn’t answer my real question. But, then, I hadn’t asked my real question. He had signed the letter, “Love, Harry” And now I had another unanswered question.

Then, Harry began writing with all of the words that he had never used when we dated seven years before. Letters came often, always signed “Love, Harry.” They were filled with anecdotes of life in Portugal. Stories about no electricity and no water for weeks on end abounded. Even a few tales of his co-workers found their way to Pennsylvania.

I started thinking of what to do over the summer. The year before I had driven across the United States with my sister and a friend. That was going to be tough to top!

In early June, Harry’s missive was extraordinarily thin.

20 thoughts on “The Portugal Adventure: My Laddie Lies Over the Ocean

  1. Oh, Suze, what a wonderfully written story. I think I have missed some installments so my guess is more are coming. I will try my best to come here to read them. As it is, just what you wrote here has snapped my attention very quickly. You really are a talented writer!!! Love, Amy ❤


    1. Ah, well, I came to a literary bump in the road. There are some things that I must put into the story, Things that may/will probably offend people. But…if I don’t tell the truth, it will hurt me. Then I started working and my momentum kind of slowed down. So I decided to start editing what I had already written. And I realized that a lot of the earlier ones was kind of a cleansing. Which was good. But not necessarily good for a book. So I am starting at the beginning and cutting and editing and putting them out there again. If you had read the original first run, you would not have found that it snapped quite like the second round. So thank you for telling me that. It tells me that I’m on the right road. What you read was the second post. You only missed the first one which should not be difficult to find if you want it. It is amusing if nothing else. Thank you for your lovely and timely encouragement.

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      1. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Writing a BOOK??? Oh Susan!!! I am SO proud of you and you are inspiring ME!!! I too have a Dream of writing a book, not in the format you are, but in the format that is on Petals. I have tears in my eyes. Gosh darn it!!! I really am thrilled you are doing this! Oh I cannot wait for the next installment! And I will be sure to buy your book too when it is published!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


        1. Thank you, Amy! You made my day. I am going to appoint you my reality check. If you detect fakeness or catch me fudging about something that I’m holding back on when it needs to be told, call a reality check. 😉 Lova ya! This is my answer to the post that the spam bot got into. I can’t see it but it says it’s up there.

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  2. CRYING!!!! I am having SO much trouble with WP today! I just wrote a gorgeous reply to you. PLEASE check your spam. I think it is there. WP is NOT liking my rose today. OH this is so aggravating! IF you cannot find it, sighs, I will write it again for you!!! I Love you! Amester ❤


  3. I love this series! Thank you for the part that you played in Ed’s and my love story, and showing me how to make chocolate Sundae cake, and teaching us Baby Doll logic. Even in my marriage today, I have thought that if I only knew what my hubby was thinking it would make things so much easier. I am looking forward to the next installment. ❤ Jolene

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    1. I had no idea. Thank you. I had to change it up from all of the changes WP make.

      I think it started to go down when I got that job and decided to go overboard on it. That was a bad idea.

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