The Portugal Years: Year Three – The Journey, the Wedding and the Housing

I remember this so well. Found it in On This Cay

The Portugal Years

The Journey

We faced a seven month absence from our home and friends. This trip felt like an unending challenge. It was not a solo flight, nor a flight for two; it was a transatlantic voyage with an infant. Wearing cloth diapers. And she would have no seat. For at least seven hours. (This was not including getting through customs on both end and the long road to Philadelphia). Another couple would be staying in our house while we were gone, and I was uncomfortable about that. Then, before we could leave, we had to find a place to board our Samantha cat. It would not have been my first choice, or any choice at all. She loved me and trusted me, and I was leaving for what would be, for her, an eternity.

The flight was better than I expected. Bethy was eating food, but was still nursing, so…

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4 thoughts on “The Portugal Years: Year Three – The Journey, the Wedding and the Housing

  1. Enjoyed the reminder of that – thank you! 🙂

    Do you ever hear from the Dancing Rider any more? I was thinking about her just the other day and wondering if she’s OK. It’s one of the things I find hard about blogging – the way we make friends and then people disappear. I always hope it’s just that they got fed up with blogging…


  2. I see her occasionally. She shut down her blog and now and then she shows up with photo or three on FB. And that kind of feeling is why I let you know that I might be scarce. You are more than a blogger, you are a friend. It made my day yesterday when you emailed me. And told me cat stories. 😉 I may be in and out during all of this mess I’m diving into, but I will not walk away If I can help it.

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    1. I’m glad to hear she’s just stopped blogging. And thank you for letting me know about your own possible absences – I’d rather worry knowing what it is I’m worrying about than just wondering, if that makes sense. And I’m glad you enjoyed the e-mail – we will keep in touch through this, Susan, and beyond, because we have indeed become friends. A thing I’m very glad of… 🙂

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