Beauty in the details

Beautiful Portuguese craftsmanship.

Salt of Portugal

Desenhos de Janelas Varandas, Rui Barreiros Duarte, ink on paper, 2016.

When you visit Portugal you need to sleep well to rest your eyes, because as soon as you wake up there’s so much to see!

A walk in an old neighborhood is a visual feast of architectural details. Doors, windows, roofs, and balconies tell us about the craftsmanship of their builders and the dreams of their owners. Each is a distinctive brush stroke on the beautiful canvas that is Portugal.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty in the details

  1. Ha! I remember when my Canadian relatives came for a visit and we did a whistlestop tour of Europe. Every time we came to an old house or church my Uncle Doug would stand back in awe and say “Look at those doors!!” It became a standing joke amongst us (then) youngsters – how we loved to mock… 😉

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