The apple of paradise

Portuguese apples… mmmmm

Salt of Portugal


The best apple we’ve ever tried is a Portuguese variety called Bravo de Esmofe. It was discovered two centuries ago in a small Beira-Alta village called Esmofe.

You can find prettier apples, but don’t be fooled by the unassuming look of Bravo de Esmofe. Its taste is a revelation, the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness. And its inside is so full of antioxidants that it makes us feel immortal.

Biting into a Bravo de Esmofe helps us understand Adam’s temptation and makes us wonder whether the village of Esmofe was once the Garden of Eden.

If you visit Portugal in Fall or Winter, don’t miss the chance to try Bravo de Esmofe, an apple that belongs in paradise.

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10 thoughts on “The apple of paradise

  1. I am very tempted by this apple. I would have been useless in Eden – the first sign of anything tasty-looking and I would have brought down all of humanity in one bite. I wouldn’t have worn a fig leaf, though – being nude is just fine. I realise this is an odd comment but I’m having one of those days 😀

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  2. Oh may I join in the fun? Nudity and apples?? To exist in a lush garden full of delicious foods and be able to do so without the nuance of clothes? Count me in, Susan!!! Yes!!! Yippee!!

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