The first sunset

An ancient tradition.

Salt of Portugal

The Romans marked each new year by hammering a nail into the door post of the temple of Jupiter. We prefer to photograph the sunset on the first day of the year, hoping it holds a clue for what the year will bring.

Today, the sun slept all day behind clouds. But at the last moment, it spread its rays and lit the sky, as if to reassure us that there will be many beautiful sunsets in the New Year.  We hope you’ll come to Portugal to share some of these sunsets with us. Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “The first sunset

  1. Today we celebrate the New Year by simply getting hammered.
    (And yes, I know I could extend the metaphor in a loquaciously ribald fashion with the nail, but it is a sparklin’ New Year, so why smudge it up.)

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