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Ovos Moles is the name of a store in Lisbon that sells traditional sweets made from recipes created in Portuguese convents. These wonderful desserts are procured from small producers who often kept the original recipes in their family for several generations. They are indescribable delights made of eggs, sugar, flour, fruits, and nuts.

It is a privilege to be able try and compare so many of these exceptional desserts. After all, in times gone by, we would have had to commit to a monastic life to enjoy the heavenly concoctions that Ovos Moles offers.

Ovos Moles is located at Calçada da Estrela, 140-142, tel. 919303788. Click here for their website.

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30 thoughts on “Convent delights

                1. A lot of my upbringing I lived across from a Jewish cemetery and a convent school filled with nuns. The thing is that the students would sing about bb guns and such like things. Probably kind of scary.


                  1. That would have worried me a lot. A few years ago, in my previous life, I was on patrol in full uniform (a fearsome sight, I tell you!) Suddenly, a nun appeared from nowhere in the street. It smiled at me and I ran, ran, ran – jumped over a wall into a park where I sat crying under a bush and rang my Mum. I wish I could explain it.

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  1. Ohhhhh…the snow is back!!!!
    Could it be?
    Can it be?
    It must be….Christmas!!!

    A) Those confections look mouth-watering delightful. I wonder if they mail order.

    B. The Lovely Charlotte speaks with loving fondness of the nuns that raised her. She stayed in touch with them long after she came to the States, Her memories of those years were mixed of course, especially the early years, when the Lovely Charlotte was altklug, fiery as her red hair…and the Nuns were as determined as she was spirited.

    C) Ever wonder why the word ‘fiery isn’t spelled ‘firey’?

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    1. Yes, the snow tiptoed in some time after noon where I live. I always forget about the snow until it comes back. If someone reminds me, I will stroll through my Portuguese cookbooks and see what I can find.


  2. T’is a shame I don’t eat sugar for just looking at these tempting sweets makes my mouth water. But alas, I know if I even sampled a few, I would feel ill. Why do all the good things in life be made out of sugar? Darn!!!! Double drats!!! Love you, Susan!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤


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