Beach moments

Gotta love the beach no matter where in the world it is!

Salt of Portugal


Life is like a train trip. We eagerly anticipate getting to the next station but, once we’re there, we can’t wait to move on.

Much of life is a blur, like the views from a moving train. We remember the arrivals and departures of those we love. And we remember some of the train stops, when the pace of life slows down.

For us, many of these leisure moments are spent on a Portuguese beach. We recall the beauty of the seaside, the wonderful weather, the delicious food and, most of all, those who shared these happy moments with us.

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15 thoughts on “Beach moments

  1. There is no therapy, like ocean therapy. The salt, the sand, the steady-8-waves-a-minute comforting crash-hiss of the breakers coming ashore…there is no place on earth like a seashore.


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