Flash Mob In Coimbra

Coimbra is approximately half-way between the north and the south of Portugal.

“The history of the University of Coimbra dates back to the century subsequent to the very foundation of the Portuguese nation, since the University was established in the 13th century, in 1290.”

This is a very short but beautiful “Flash Mob.”

If you are interested in more info about Coimbra, check out this link: http://visit.uc.pt/en/about/

18 thoughts on “Flash Mob In Coimbra

  1. I visited Coimbra in 1967 . A man who was certainly a teacher, spoke French . He makes me and my wife visit the Botanical Garden of the Univeristy.
    Great memories .
    The same for Porto!
    At this time we coud encounter some people who speak French and There are many Portuguese
    In friendship

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