Adventures on the peach tree island

Beautiful scenery along the water front and “Peach Island.”

Salt of Portugal

Composit do Pessegueiro-3One of the most captivating beaches in Portugal is the Pessegueiro (peach tree) beach near Porto Covo in Alentejo. It is wonderful to seat on the sand feeling the sea breeze and enjoying the view of the Pessegueiro island. The island looks so mysterious that it is impossible to resist the temptation to plunge in the emerald waters and swim a shore. It is great fun to explore the 15th century fort and the ruins that date from Roman times.

In the afternoon, it is fantastic to go horseback ridding along the coast. Claudia Castanheira and Paulo Rosa of Herdade do Pessegueiro provide all you need: well-trained, intelligent horses, horse-ridding instruction, and a picnic. Riding a horse through trails and sand dunes,  feeling one with nature is an unforgettable adventure.

Click here for the Herdade do Pessegueiro web site.

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10 thoughts on “Adventures on the peach tree island

  1. On the way to our beach-house we’d always stop at the roadside produce stands along the way, and Mom would pick out whatever was in that looked good. In the summer that meant peaches, and all the wonderful things she could do with them. From peaches on the morning cornflakes that my brother and I would inhale so we could hit the beach, to hand churning the ice-cream maker after the sun went down with Mom’s perfected homemade peach ice cream recipe. As long as I can remember I’ve associated the smell and taste of peaches with the salt and sea (and coppertone) of the beach.

    Are there peach tree’s at Pessegueiro beach? Or were there once upon a time?

    You do realize that you are creating an unquenchable thirst to see this faraway fairyland you speak of?

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