The past and future of Portuguese wine

Portugal has so many traditions and ways of doing things. Check this out!

Salt of Portugal


The Flor da Rosa Pousada in Crato has a beautiful collection of “talhas” (clay amphoras) made by potters in Alentejo.  The small amphoras were used to store olives or olive oil. The large ones were used to produce wine, a tradition that goes back to Roman times.

Several Portuguese wine makers are rediscovering the lost art of producing wine in amphoras. One of them is Dirk Niepoort, a great producer from the Douro region. We can’t wait to try these wines which bring the past into the future!

Click here for the Pousadas’ website and here for more photos of Flor da Rosa.

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  1. in order to be able to make a semi-intelligent comment, or as close to that as I my feeble IQ is able to muster, I googled up Portuguese Wines. Wow. I sat here for 45 minutes reading about the various quality wines and a history that predates France’s by 200 years. Way cool.


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