The Portugal Adventure – I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

It may have been the seven-hour flight over the Atlantic. Perhaps the loss of seven hours of my life added to it. I was in a place where my ability to speak English fluently was of minimal benefit. Or it could have been the shock of a handshake instead of the expected kiss factored into it.

My senses went on overdrive. It went beyond the whiff of diesel fumes. It was just something for which I had no olfactory memories. To this day, if you were to blindfold me, and open a jar full of Portuguese air under my nose, I would immediately iria começar a falar Português. The language reverberated in my ears. Sounding like a merging of Spanish and French. I kept trying to hear the conversation. Unsuccessfully! The golden orb in the azure sky gently warmed the morning without the harsh summer blast to which I was accustomed in the states.

Harry interrupted my reverie to ask if those two suitcases were all there was of my luggage. When I admitted that they were, he grinned and said, “I’ve never known a woman to travel with so little luggage.” Score? I thought I had brought a lot. It had seemed more than enough as I had dragged it through the airport. Was it meant as a compliment?

We stopped in front of a white car where Harry deposited my bags in the trunk.  As he put the key in the ignition, I noticed the flow of the traffic. The cars were small, and zipping around like they were practicing for Grand Prix of Monaco.  Suddenly, we were in the flow. Harry took me on a roundabout but short sightseeing excursion of which I remember little apart from my white knuckles. Then he announced that we needed to get moving. He was taking me to eat breakfast with some of the Portugal team.

We arrived in good time. As we stepped out of car, the door opened to a warm welcome. The field director’s wife had prepared an attractive continental breakfast which was reposing on the table.

I was the novelty of the month. Harry had a woman in tow, a wonder that no one had ever expected of Harry. And they expected me to talk. Now, nothing renders an introvert more incapable of conversation than a room full of new acquaintances whose curiosity is killing them. But Harry came to my rescue with a diversionary tactic. He asked for a teabag, then picked up the coffee pot and poured coffee it over his teabag.


28 thoughts on “The Portugal Adventure – I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

  1. Thank you, Kevin. The two of you would probably enjoy visiting, though you probably wouldn't agree about your college teams. He's definitely a keeper. :)He's making noises about dictating a post of his own for me to put up. It was his idea, so maybe it will happen. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. A beautiful description of arriving in Portugal! I feel I was in the car with you there, for a moment. I am liking Harry more and more… but am truly shocked at what he did to that poor tea bag! The horror!

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    1. I daresay he feels the same way about it but he did not know what to do once the deed was done. I believe if it were Mr. Darcy you might have a different story about kissing. 😉


  3. Still a wonderful chapter. From Harry’s handshake at the end of the last chapter, to your white-knuckled penny tour, you have us hanging on every word. Love rereading these Susan.

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    1. Bless you. Yes, I was nervous. We talked about the post while we ate dinner tonight. He said he did not know what to do, and felt that inviting me he truly did not know what to do next.

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  4. I’m enjoying this story more and more, Susan. I loved the handshake at the end of the last chapter, and the diversion to help a shy person to not be the focus of too many pairs of eyes (no matter how kindly they are beaming on you) is brilliant. An unpredictable romancer, it sounds like Harry is a bit of a magician – coffee over teabag is kind of a diversionary tactic which results in the pulling of the rabbit out of the hat whilst everyone was looking elsewhere and didn’t see the rabbit go into the hat. Not that I’m comparing you to either a rabbit of a hat – except, if the latter, a particularly stylish and interesting one


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