Silent inspiration

Portugal has many kinds of bread and sweets, but this is one I have never eaten. Love the story that came with the food.

Salt of Portugal

Carmelite nuns lived most of their days in silence and solitude. The local peasants offered them agricultural products, including numerous eggs. The nuns used the egg whites to starch their clothes and the egg yolks to make desserts.

One day, the nuns received a bag of the finest, whitest wheat flour they had ever seen. They decided to try to make something special with this gift. The flour was combined with water to create a “virgin dough” that was left to rest. The nuns then stretched the dough and let it rest again. To get the most out of the rare flour, they repeated this stretching-resting cycle until the dough was so thin they could read the bible through it.

The dough was cut into rectangles and used to wrap a delicate mixture of egg yolks and sugar. The nuns used a feather to spread some melted butter over the dough and baked the…

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13 thoughts on “Silent inspiration

            1. Being nuns, I suppose they consider it an offering. Or, who knows? Maybe it is a treat to make something both beautiful and useful. What think ye?


  1. I’m drooling, positively drooling. If I could just jump right in to take a bite. *sighs* Too good to be true, I know. Great post, Susan!!! Love, Amy ❤


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