The Portuguese Years: Year Six – Visiting the Grandparents (1985)

The girls were growing up so quickly. Their grandparents had never even seen Susie in person. And I don’t know any grandparents who would find photos of their grandchildren an adequate substitute. Not even close. There may or may not

Harry and I pow-wowed about ways and means, and laid plans. Harry would not be able to go because he could not be spared for two months during camp season. He would miss us less while we were gone. Or so we believed.

And so one sunny June day Harry took us to the airport and helped with luggage. We kissed him good-by at the gate, and the girls and I boarded a jet plane bound for New York City.

Looking back, I think I had temporarily lost my good sense taking two such young children on my own. But it seemed like a good idea at the time. Susie had to sit on my lap the whole trip, and Susie was still nursing,  Bethy had a seat of her own was a great help keeping her sister entertained. Both girls were reasonably well-behaved (as opposed to the infant behind us who cried. A lot.)

We arrived in New York about seven hours after we left but having gained some time as we flew. Two sleepy small girls and I were overcome by the size of the airport. Family members were there to pick us up and take us to Pennsylvania. Our summer adventure had begun.

Jet plane

31 thoughts on “The Portuguese Years: Year Six – Visiting the Grandparents (1985)

  1. I remember that! Not the huge airport, but being here without Daddy and wondering if every plane that flew overhead had Daddy in it. 🙂


  2. Seven hours on a plane with two young children and a crying infant behind? I’m surprised you retained your sanity! Er… you did, didn’t you? 😉


      1. *sigh* I feel the same way too, Susan. It seems when I was younger doing certain things was no big deal. Now it seems, in this present time, they do seem like a big deal. Oh for the irony of Life! Love, Amy


        1. Well, I don’t have the energy that I did, but I’ve always been one who took her time going through life. It tends to annoy some people, but it’s who I am.

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