Feliz Natal!

Feliz Natal

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Some of the sights and sounds of a Portuguese Christmas. For those of you who celebrate other holidays around this time of the year, I wish you the best you’ve ever enjoyed.

18 thoughts on “Feliz Natal!

  1. Susan, where in the world have I been? I am not able to believe I didn’t see this! I am really sorry! I know I wished you a Merry Christmas, but I will wish you a Belated Merry Christmas to you and Harry. And now a very Happy New Year as well! Love, Amy


          1. Hmmmm …. Two more special days coming? All I can think of is New Years Eve and New Years Day. I have one post for New Years Eve and then again, like Christmas, I am taking some days off. Love you, Suzie! (((HUGS))) Amy


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