When I Get Homesick for Lisbon…

Today I am posting the link to the Lisbon Live Webcam. It broadcasts panoramic view of many of the places I’ve featured on this blog. These include the monument in the Baixa to the Marques de Pombal, the April 25th Bridge and many other places in the city. Try coming back several times to get a rounded picture. Lisbon is six hours ahead of EST, so if you check it about 6 p.m. Lisbon time, you will see the city at night.

Lisbon Live Webcam

Did you see anything that looked interesting? What was it?

29 thoughts on “When I Get Homesick for Lisbon…

  1. Susan this was awesome. The building definitely stand tall and the bridges remind me of GW and the SF Bridges. The cities always look beautiful at night.


    1. Thank you for watching it – it’s an amazing place. One of my Portuguese friends on FB was so excited – she didn’t know such a thing existed. She passed it on to her students. 🙂


            1. I’m just posting them on Monday as they come to me. I love that one in particular and it’s been dancing all over my head for a week. Thanks for following me. If you have any favorite music, I will post it on there.


    1. I wanted to add, that the shots I saw were at night. Just gorgeous. There is nothing like seeing a foreign city or land. 🙂


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