Just want to welcome those of you who have recently begun following my Portugal blog. Thanks for coming along for the ride! I’d love to read your comments and thoughts about the posts.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. These Portuguese stories are wonderful Susan!!

    Of the many things I’ve learned reading these, perhaps the most surprising was in the title. Somehow in all my reading of history I never got past the fact that the word Lusitania meant more than a British Ocean Liner sunk by the Germans in World War One. How that slipped through the cracks is beyond me, but it was fun Googling the word, and after wading through pages of Ocean Liner references, learning about the Roman origins of the word.

    And a subtle reminder to me that despite my confidence in my knowledge of history, I still don’t know everything. Someday, maybe, but not yet.


  2. Ah, Kevin, it’s a good thing we don’t know about all of the things that we don’t know. The burden of it would be intolerable. I was surprised, too, when first I discovered the information. I am, as you may know, an appreciator of history myself. I became addicted AFTER I graduated from high school. In school, it was simply another subject. After I graduated I began reading historical fiction, and my first discovery was how very connected and related all of the royals of all of Europe are. It was an eye opener.


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