Our Georgie Cat

I wrote about my amazingly beautiful and brave cat, George Bailey today over on The Curious Introvert. Come on over and check him out.

The Curious Introvert-Book Reviews and Other Fun Things

A cat community lives in our yard. It started when we got chummy with a neighbor’s cat and slipped her the occasional treat. Those of you who have cat community dependents already know where this is going. Along the way, her human got deeply into meth and neglected this beautiful tortie, who decided her chances were better in our yard.

One day we woke up and realized we had a community of cats.  Some of them had no fear of mankind. But as the generations of cats came and went, fewer trusted those who went on two legs. Until George.

Even as a kitten, George had no fear of people. Twice he jumped through the door behind Molly when she came in for a rest from her labors. The second time he was quite at home.

George began to stalk me when I walked the dogs. He was alongside of…

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