Taking the Bus at Rush Hour

Portugal’s fine transportation system is always most packed to capacity  during the rush hours. My classes at the University began relatively early, and I often had to stand in the bus for the second leg of the journey. When one is that close to other people, some sort of body contact is to be expected. However.

One morning I was standing in the aisle of the bus that would eventually stop by the University. Someone bumped into my backside. I glanced back and discovered that it was a man who was pointedly not making eye contact. I moved as far away as I could to give him more room. He bumped against my backside again. I moved away again as far as the crowded bus allowed. And I waited.

The third time he bumped against me, I was ready. I “accidentally” and forcefully brought the heel of my shoe down hard on his instep. I wasn’t familiar with the words in his verbal response, but he found another place to stand


15 thoughts on “Taking the Bus at Rush Hour

      1. I don’t think he was terribly angry with me. He didn’t retaliate other than whatever he said. I didn’t watch him as he left, so I can’t answer the question about the limp. I think may have had to do with my comparatively fair complexion. Scandinavian women often went to Portugal for holiday, and I was given to understand by way of my language teacher that the women were not averse to mingling quite intimately with the Portuguese men.


    1. Thank you, OM. It’s really not a good idea to mess with me. Sooner or later I deal with it my way. And the more time it takes for me to get around to it, the uglier it will be. 😀


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