Luís de Camões – Portugal’s Poet Laureate

Coimbra is the city where the first Portuguese university was founded.



by: Luis Vas de Camões (1524-1580)

WEET lucent waters of Mondego’s stream,
Of my Remembrance restful jouissance,
Where far-fet, lingering, traitorous Esperance,
Longwhile misled me in a blinding Dream;
From you I part, yea, still I’ll ne’er misdeem
That long-drawn Memories which your charms enhance
Forbid me changing and, in every chance,
E’en as I farther speed I nearer seem.
Well may my Fortunes hale this instrument
Of Soul o’er new strange regions wide and side,
Offered to winds and watery element;
But hence my Spirit, by you ‘companied,
Borne on the nimble wings that Reverie lent,
Flies home and bathes her, Waters, in your tide.

–Translated by R.F. Burton

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